“I like your music – keep rolling that Rock!”

…says Free’s Paul Rodgers of “Memory Street,” a song featured on Blue Deal’s 2022 debut album Holy Ground. Paul made this statement to Joe Fischer, the former frontman of the Freiburg based “Cadillac Blues Band”. This was a huge accolade for Joe and was the motivation for founding the band “Blue Deal” – a fresh, powerful, experienced, cross-generational project forged for the spirit of the age.

Despite the 30-year age difference from the youngest to the eldest band member, the four understand their craft and, due to this unique and varied musical spectrum, cleverly merge different styles and approaches.

The songs tell stories from life or take a questioning stance on current issues. The lyrics of the songs are certainly formative, and in addition to well-established themes, they also contain very critical approaches:

“Sewing Machine” – a lyric about garment production in Bangladesh

“Go” – lets our earth speak to us

“Suicide Boogie” – describes the fact that we humans act destructively

“Three Dollars” – denounces banks’ lending practices.

These are lyrics that capture the spirit of the time without moralising.

With three tours through Scotland, the band has proven that blues rock “Made in Germany” can be authentic and internationally successful.